WiFi Marketing Product - Mini Extreme

TextBlue Mini Extreme – This device is a standalone device which means you don’t need a laptop or PC to run it, you simply plug in the included Lithium battery for up to 12 hours of continuous use.

This is a great portable product based on the lightweight small size factor, not much bigger than a deck of playing cards and packed with some advanced features like programmable zone size which means instead of broadcasting at up to 100 meters you can now lower this range to just 10 meters to focus on people in a smaller area which is ideal for handing out flyers while simultaneously sending out Bluetooth messages.

The device boasts an internal class 1 Bluetooth transmitter with up to 7 simultaneous connections with an impressive range of up to 100 meters.

Included is the new Wi-Fi marketing transmitter which allows you to offer your message to many more devices including iPhones, iPods, iPads, Blackberry's, Tablet PC's, Android Devices and More.

Statistics available on the TextBlue Mini Extreme are extremely in depth and shows the statistics seperately for both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Marketing including the number of phones discovered, accepted or rejected your message and finally the number of phones that ignored your message. For the Wi-Fi you will be shown the number of devices that successfully viewed your message.

All the statistics are shown numerically and in the form of graphs and pie charts for an easy overview.



Bluetooth 2.0

Wi-Fi 802.11
7 simultaneous Bluetooth downloads

50 Simultanious Wi-Fi Downloads
Lightweight small form factor
Included lithium battery

Carry Bag Included


Dimensions of the TextBlue Mini

Size: 90x59x30mm
Weight: 74g




The cost of the TextBlue Mini Extreme is just £1199 + VAT and includes the 12 hour lithium battery, Wi-Fi Marketing Module and Carry Bag.



Alternatively, you can rent the TextBlue Mini Extreme for just £175 + VAT per month.


For more information or to make a purchase please call us on 0800 633 8485

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Irish Short Code

TextBlue now have a Short Code that can be used to receive text messages from people in the Republic of Ireland.

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