Taxi Companies iPhone Apps

Taxi Companies iPhone Apps

As a taxi company or private hire company looking to market your business, getting an iPhone App is a great idea. If a user has your app installed on their iPhone, the likelihood of them using another taxi company is very slim, as it is easy for them to make a booking.

However, iPhone Apps are usually an expensive investment. For just a few features, an iPhone app for a Taxi Company can cost around £10,000 and - each time the new iPhone OS is released - many iPhone Apps need retweaking to make them compatible with the lastest iPhone; which adds more cost to the taxi owner.

With these high upfront costs and ongoing costs, a Taxi App may seem out-of-reach for many taxi companies.

Taking these considerations onboard, we have created an affordable solution, which can be used for all Taxi Companies.

Instead of buying an iPhone App outright, we can rent you one.

We will create you your very own iPhone Application with your company logo, colours and information.

Overview of the Taxi App

Information Page - The Taxi iPhone App will contain all the main information about the company, including company history and popular destinations.

Prices - The Taxi iPhone App will help customers check fares for short journeys, journeys to the train stations, local airports etc...

Bookings - Customers will be able to book journeys through the app; by clicking the Click2Call button, via. e-mail or text.

Maps - The app will be populated with local landmarks and points-of-interest, so that passengers can see what's around them and decide where to go.

Instant Message Notifications - You can send a message to everyone that has your app installed. For example, if you are looking to keep the fares the same over Christmas, why not push out a message with something like "Seasons Greatings, we are keeping fares low throughout the festive season" or around summertime you could push a message out with something like "Stoke to Manchester Airport just £25 - Book Today"

So with all these fantastic features, at only £250 + VAT to get started and then £79 + VAT per month, you can afford to get started today.

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