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Most businesses can benefit from iPhone apps and takeaways are no exception. If a customer has your app installed on their iPhone, they can easily get access to the latest menus and special offers. They can also book a takeaway from within the iPhone app.

Generally speaking, an iPhone app for a takeaway can cost around £10,000 and - each time the new iPhone OS is released - many iPhone Apps need retweaking to make them compatible; which adds more cost to the takeaway owner.

With this in mind, TextBlue have created an affordable solution, which can be used by even the smallest takeaways.

Instead of buying an iPhone App outright, we can rent you one.

We will create you your very own iPhone Application with your takeaway logo, colours and information.

Overview of the Takeaway App

Information Page - The Takeaway iPhone App will contain all the main information about the takeaway, including your specialities and history.

Menus - The Takeaway iPhone App will allow customers to easily browse through the latest menus, at their own convenience.

Placing Orders - Customers will be able to place an order through the app; by clicking the Click2Call button, via. e-mail or text.

Maps - The app will include a map, so that customers can find your takeaway if they are looking to make an collection.

Twitter and Facebook Feed - A Twitter and Facebook feed will be included, which also allows customers to write comments from within the app. This allows customers to write reviews about the meals you provide and share it with Facebook/Twitter followers.

Instant Message Notifications - You can send a message to everyone that has your app installed. For example, if you are going to offer free delivery, why not push out a message with something like "Free Delivery - Monday to Friday - Minimum Order £20" or around school holidays you could push a message out with something like "Treat the Kids - Offers available on Pizzas, Burgers and more".

So with all these fantastic features, at only £250 + VAT to get started and then £79 + VAT per month, you can afford to get started today.

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