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QR-Code Marketing

TextBlue have just launched a brand new QR-Code Marketing tool, which allows businesses to harness the amazing power of this great technology.


QR-Codes are scannable barcodes for mobile phones and, when they are scanned in, they display a landing page that the business has specified.


TextBlue can give you access to a QR-Code Marketing tool, where you can create landing pages (i.e. advertisements or special offer pages) for your customers to be directed to.


The benefit of using QR-Code Marketing is that you can access all the QR-Codes, securely, from the same place (using your unique log-in details), as well as keeping track of how many people scan the barcode, when they scan it and how long they browse the site (in real time).


Our QR-Code Marketing system automatically assigns a QR-Code to each of the pages, which you can then place on any marketing materials.


The QR-Code always remains the same, even if you decide to change your landing pages. This means if you have 1000 leaflets with your QR-Code on them, you do not have to worry about having to get them reprinted.

Your Website’s landing pages can also have clickable buttons on them, which allow the user to download your business card, call you with an enquiry or find your business on a map.


Another benefit of using our QR-Code Marketing system is that you don't need to spend ages trying to upload all the relevant information. After completing a simple form, you are ready to start promoting your business in seconds.

Not only that... we can create a poster for you with your QR-Code included, saving you from having to print your own marketing materials, as well as customising your landing pages to suit your requirements

In order to access your landing page, the phone user will need to have a QR-Code scanner. This is a free app download from the iTunes app store or the Google Play store.


Here are just some of the QR-Code scanners that can be used:


So, if you would like to reach out to phone users who have a QR-Code scanner, you can do so using our easy QR-Code Marketing system from just £10 per month.


Scan the QR-code below (using your phone) to contact us for further information on our QR-Code Marketing System, or e-mail support@textblue.co.uk.

FREE TRIAL: TextBlue are currently offering a FREE one month trial of our QR-Code marketing system, to allow you to see whether or not it is the marketing tool for you.


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