iPhone App Pricing

iPhone Apps Pricing

We have broken down our iPhone App pricing into two, affordable segments:

  • Set-up Cost of £250 - Paid upfront, this includes the iPhone App design and the creation of up to 8 pages from the Features List. Additional Pages/Features can be included for an additional cost.

  • Monthly Cost of £79 - Paid monthly, in advance, after you have accepted the demo and we have submitted your App to the iPhone store. Additional Pages and Features will attract additional monthly charges.

  • Your app will be kept up-to-date to ensure its compatible with any advancements Apple make to iPhone.

    The monthly charge includes 5 managed interactions from the following:

  • App Page Changes and Updates
  • Proximity Marketing Updates
  • Blast App Messages

  • Additional managed configurations are £15 per configuration.


    To get started, call one of our App Experts today on 01782 450 451.

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