Benefits of SMS Advertising for Estate Agents

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Bulk SMS messaging is ideal for estate agents and can be used in a variety of different ways.

You could send out property details to buyers who have been in to the showhouse previously and given you their requirements. As always with construction sites, it is not always easy to know the way things will develop on the next stages of building. Using this method of communication, however, you will be able to let people know - as soon as you do - what houses will soon be coming onto the market.

Estate Agents can also use SMS messaging to give property details to buyers; fitting their specific requirements. If someone comes in to the office, and tells you what kind of property they are looking for, you could ask them to leave a mobile phone and then contact them at the relevant time. Here at TextBlue, we can also generate a list of numbers for you of people who would be likely to buy a house (e.g. 28+, married, with a good credit rating, living within 1 mile of your showhouse) which could possibly lead to an unexpected/extra sale.

Short Codes are also very useful for Estate Agents - which is where you choose a keyword on our easy-to-remember number, 60777. For example, your keyword could be "house" and each of your properties could be given a sub-keyword (e.g. "house1", "house2" etc.), which can be advertised on the To Let/For Sale signs in front of the house. So, customers would then be able to text "house1" to 60777 and would receive an auto-reply that could read like, "123 High Street. Has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, newly-renovated, £149,000. Please call 01234 567890 to arrange a viewing."

This means that the potential buyer now has the details of the property they have seen on the high street within seconds (and even after office hours). This kind of great service could lead to a viewing as it will instantly tell the interested party just what the house is like inside.

Plus, if your show house has not yet opened - but you know when it is scheduled to be, you could send out a text to people, which will let them know when the event will be happening. After all, sometimes customers want to see an example of a property before they buy it.

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