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TextBlue | Bluetooth and SMS Development

We offer Bluetooth Marketing and Bulk SMS software to satisfy most clients however there are occasions when our clients demand more than what’s on offer, for example integrating our software into existing systems for full automation or creating custom solutions based on concepts.



For these clients we offer customised development solutions in Bluetooth Proximity Messaging, Bulk SMS text integration using API's and Short Code solution to do whatever is required.



All our software development is provided by our partner Soft Sevice Company who are experts in wireless communication technolgy, through Soft Service Company we can offer a range of development from simple modification to existing applications to complete solutions from the concept or idea stage.



Whatever your requirement, call us on 01782 450 451 to see what we can do for you.

Bluetooth Advertising
Our Bluetooth Advertising Products start at just £49 + VAT and some of our products have an impressive range of up to an unbelievable 1000 meters or 1KM.

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Irish Short Code

TextBlue now have a Short Code that can be used to receive text messages from people in the Republic of Ireland.

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