SMS Text Marketing Benefits

There are many benefits that come with our Bulk SMS Text Messaging and SMS Short Code services.

Bulk SMS Marketing can be used for one-off marketing campaigns from companies reminding their customers about appointments or to arrange a quick staff meeting, whereas Short Codes are an excellent way of instantly responding to texts with an auto responder that you set.

There are many companies that can benefit from Bulk SMS Marketing. Some of the companies that benefit from these products are below

Using SMS Marketing if you run a Car Dealership

Customers may be waiting for a new vehicle to arrive in stock, so you can send them a text letting them know when it comes available. We can also give you a text Short Code, i.e. an available keyword (e.g. “CARS”), on our easy-to-remember number 60777. You can then advertise using Bluetooth or in the press for customers who would like to arrange for a test drive to text "CARS" and their name to 60777; sending an automated reply to let them know you have received the message.  All the incoming texts can be viewed in your online account and a copy can also be forwarded to an e-mail address.

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Why Garages should use SMS Marketing

Garages can use SMS marketing to send customers MOT reminders and confirmation that a vehicle is ready for collection. It can be also used to remind customers of important dates such as tax renewal.

Why Estate Agents and Homebuilding Firms should use SMS Short Codes

Benefits to Estate Agents include being able to send out property details to buyers who have expressed an interest in a certain type of house. When information regarding a relevant house becomes available, you can text the information to everyone who is interested. Click here to find out more about how SMS Marketing can benefit Estate Agents and Housebuilding Firms.

Using SMS short codes if you own a Taxi Company

- Your Taxi base can send text messages with a personalised sender name e.g. From: ABC Taxi to customers to confirm the taxi arrival time. Click here to find out more about how SMS marketing can benefit Taxi Companies.

Why you should use SMS Short Codes if you own a Restaurant

Restaurant owners can use SMS short codes to send special offers, booking reminders, etc. Promoting special occasions like Valentine's Day or Work's Christmas Meal

If you have a Take Away Establishment, then SMS Marketing can be of great help to you

Take Away Establishments can use SMS marketing to confirm food delivery e.g. your food is on its way, thank you for ordering with us. They can also use SMS marketing to send promotions to the same customers, increasing sales e.g. fancy a Hot Pepperoni Pizza this evening? As a valued customer show us this message and we will give you £1 off!

Why you should use Bulk SMS Short Codes if you run a Dentist, Hair Salon, Beauty Salon, or Doctors

If you have a business that operates with appointments, you can use Bulk SMS texts to send appointment reminders, because it costs just a few pence per text message, we would recommend sending out 2 text message reminders, one a week before the appointment and one the morning of the appointment. These messages would dramatically reduce the number of missed appointments saving you money and time, not just in missed appointments, but in stationary also.

Why Delivery Companies should use Bulk SMS Marketing

By using Bulk SMS messaging. Delivery companies can send SMS messages showing delivery times, tracking numbers and contact numbers to the customer making it easy for them to reschedule delivery in the event that no one is available to sign, this in turn, will effectively minimise failed deliveries.

If you are a Double glazing, Telephone Installation, TV Installation, Plumbing, Electrical Company then SMS Short codes can be useful

Send installation or repair confirmation SMS messages s to confirm when they will take place to ensure that there will be someone available. This would save on wasted calls and reduce your telephone costs.

Why Recruitment Agencies should use SMS Marketing

Recruitment Agencies can send SMS messages to clients detailing new suitable positions available. It can also be used to contact candidates, letting them know about the status of their application.

Using SMS Short codes if you are a DVD and Game Rental Shop

Rental Shops can use Bulk SMS Texts to alert customers when new films and games are released and are in stock. Bulk SMS messages can also be sent to advertise special offers, pre orders and any other events the store may host.

Using SMS Messaging if you are a Direct Sales Company

By running a SMS Text marketing campaign direct sales companies can potentially save a fortune. Instead of hiring an outbound call centre paying salaries, commissions, telephone costs and other high overheads, you can save tremendously by simply running a text marketing campaign. This would have the added benefit of providing better accuracy and higher penetration rates; you can then have an inbound sales force to simply take orders.

Why Insurance Companies should use SMS Marketing

Insurance Companies can send SMS reminder texts when a customerís insurance in due for renewal. Customers can also be contacted via SMS Marketing to promote special offers, as well as other services that the insurance company offers.

Using SMS Marketing if you are a School, Private Nursery, etc.

Send out reminders of fees, school trip money, cancellations of sports days or school closures due to the weather etc.

Using Bulk SMS Marketing in Cinemas and other Entertainment Centres

SMS text Marketing can be used to send customers texts about promotions and newer Film releases. It can also be used to send offers to customers that have signed up to a loyalty scheme

Using SMS Short Codes if you are a Bank

Send texts to customers confirming the clients current balance information or offer a paid service where a customer wants to receive a text message confirming every transaction.

Why Airlines should use SMS Marketing

Airlines can use Bulk SMS Marketing messages to alert passengers regarding flight delays, lost baggage tracking, etc. As well as keeping them updated on events and issues that might affect their flight.

Why Credit Bureaus will benefit from SMS Marketing

Identity theft is currently at an all-time high. Sending customers a chargeable SMS text message is an easy way to perform a credit check and could reduce crime numbers as well as creating an additional revenue stream.

Using SMS Marketing if you are an Advertising Agency

Advertising Agencies can help clients to build a database of customer details which they can then use to send marketing information via text, e-mail or post. For example a company could choose its own products and put them up as prizes, then advertise for customers to win these prizes. All incoming texts will be stored in your online account for you to randomly select the winner and you can send Bulk SMS texts to all these customers at the press of a button to inform them of other competitions or products that may be of interest.

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