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Notice: Bluetooth marketing is not compatible with iPhones.

TextBlue Networker Battery

If you need to use your networker on the go with no power sockets available, then this compact battery is just what you need. It's small enough to be put directly in your backpack and will power your broadcaster for just over 8 hours.
Another good idea is to have a spare battery, enabling you to swap the batteries over, making it easily possible for you to run your campaign for longer.

Length 127 mm
Width 64 mm
Thickness 23 mm

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TextBlue Networker GPRS Card

This GPRS card enables you to remotely access your TextBlue Networker where there is no internet access available using a regular sim card (available on request).
Charges apply to remotely access your Networker using the TextBlue Live Access Server

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TextBlue Networker WIFI Card

This WIFI card will allow you to connect your TextBlue Networker to your  WIFI network enabelling you to manage your Networker remotely over the TextBlue Live Access Server (monthly fees apply), or you can use this WIFI card to connect multiple TextBlue Networkers together to create a TextBlue ZONE.

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TextBlue Networker Mounting Bracket

Mounting Bracket suitable for wall or ceiling mount

This bracket can be used to securely mount your TextBlue Networker to walls or ceilings.

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TextBlue Networker Weatherproof Housing

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This weatherproof housing enables you mount and use your TextBlue Networker outdoors gaurding against dirt and water. This is NOT available seperately as it comes pre built with the TextBlue Networker installed.

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