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Notice: Bluetooth marketing is not compatible with iPhones.

TextBlue Mini – This device is a standalone device which means you don’t need a laptop or PC to run it, you simply plug it into included Lithium battery for over 12 hours of continuous use.

This is a fantastic compact and portable Standalone unit which simply means it doesn’t need to be connected to a PC / Laptop to function. Uploading advertisements, messages or checking statistics can be done by connecting the TextBlue Mini to a PC using the supplied Ethernet cable.





The device boasts an internal class 1 Bluetooth transmitter with up to 7 simultaneous connections with an impressive range of up to 100 meters. The TextBlue mini is also equipped with an external USB slot so we include a specific high powered adapter so you benefit from upto 14 simultaneous connections.


As the device is meant for ultra portability, we also include a great compact carry bag to carry the TextBlue Mini with the Bluetooth USB adapter and Lithium Battery.



14 Simultaneous Downloads
Lightweight small form factor
Included lithium Battery
External Bluetooth USB Adapter
Included Carry Bag



Size: 90x59x30mm
Weight: 74g




The cost of the TextBlue MINI is just £699 + VAT and includes the Lithium Battery, USB Adaper, Carry Bag and Ethernet Cable.


SPECIAL EASTER OFFER - To help you promote to shoppers, you can rent the TextBlue Mini for just £99 a month AND get FREE access to our QR-Code Marketing System.

For more information or to make a purchase please call us on 01782 450 451.

Bluetooth Advertising
Our Bluetooth Advertising Products start at just £49 + VAT and some of our products have an impressive range of up to an unbelievable 1000 meters or 1KM.

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Irish Short Code

TextBlue now have a Short Code that can be used to receive text messages from people in the Republic of Ireland.

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