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Notice: Bluetooth marketing is not compatible with iPhones.



TextBlue Lite - You can now carry your Bluetooth marketing system in your top pocket. The TextBlue Lite will run on most Windows Mobile Pocket PC devices, so you can broadcast your campaign wherever you go.





From Police Forces delivering public safety content from Windows mobile phones, to Business Executives sending information at breakfast meetings, the TextBlue Lite is the perfect solution for mobile to mobile marketing.



  • Windows Mobile Pocket PC (WM5 , WM6, WM6.1)
  • 7 simultaneous connections
  • 20 meter average range (Handset Specific)
  • Send any file type including (.jpg, .gif, .3gp, mp3, mp4, .vCal, .vNote, vCard)



If you don't already own a compatible device please choose one from the available accessories.

Click here for available accessories.


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The price of the TextBlue Lite is just £49 + VAT.

SPECIAL OFFER - Buy the TextBlue Lite and get a QR-Code system FREE for 12 months. For more information, click here.

Once you have made your purchase you will receive an email with the link to download the TextBlue Lite software. If you are unsure whether your device is compatible, please call our sales team on 0800 633 8485.


Bluetooth Advertising
Our Bluetooth Advertising Products start at just £49 + VAT and some of our products have an impressive range of up to an unbelievable 1000 meters or 1KM.

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Irish Short Code

TextBlue now have a Short Code that can be used to receive text messages from people in the Republic of Ireland.

Click here to find out more.