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We are specialists in Mobile Marketing, Wi-Fi Marketing and Bluetooth Marketing


We offer a wide variety of marketing solutions to help your business stay ahead of competitors. Through our products and services, you can rapidly increase the amount of enquiries and sales you receive. We are very pleased to offer the following solutions:


Mobile Marketing

Wi-Fi Marketing

Wi-Fi Marketing allows you to send advertising content to iPhones, Blackberrys, Android Devices and all the latest Smartphones.

The process is simple - Upload your advertising content onto one of our Wi-Fi devices and it will broadcast out a Wi-Fi network. When someone connects to your Wi-Fi network, they see your advertising content (but they cannot browse the internet, so there is no roaming charge involved to either party).

For existing Bluetooth marketing customers, upgrade solutions are available from just £500 + VAT.

To find out more about how Wi-Fi Marketing works, please call 03333 444 644 or click here...


Bluetooth Proximity Advertising and Proximity Marketing

Since 2007, TextBlue have been experts in Bluetooth Marketing. Through Bluetooth technology you can effectively promote your products and services at an extremely affordable price. Bluetooth Advertising is great for sending advertising messages to phones within a targeted area; letting customers in the chosen vicinity know about any offers or promotions.

We offer various products to suit any budget and project (no matter how large or small). Our Bluetooth Proximity Advertising System constantly searches for Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices in a specific area and will automatically send your customised message to these devices. With Bluetooth Advertising, you can save a lot of money and get the best results as well.

We can also supply you with our Specialist Bluetooth Maketing software if you already have a device.

For more information on Bluetooth Advertising then click here...

NFC Marketing

Near Field Communication (NFC) is an amazing bit of mobile technology that allows phones with NFC chips to directly recieve marketing materials whenever they make contact with a NFC tag.

All of the major mobile networks are putting NFC chips into their SIM cards, which means it is the perfect time to start a NFC marketing campaign.

For more information about NFC, then Click Here...

Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS Text Marketing is an amazing tool for communicating directly with all mobiles around the world, we provide a great service and a fully functional management platform which allows you to send and receive Bulk SMS text messages online from your own fully functional account. No Account fees, and texts start at just 4.9p to send and free to receive. For more information on Bulk SMS Marketing, Click Here...


Short Code Marketing

We are pleased to also offer Short Codes which are quite simply short numbers (5 digits), we can provide you with a keyword on our very easy 60777 short code which your customers can then text to, all incoming texts are stored in your online management system for easy access, which you can then use to text back to your customers for marketing or any other purpose. For a quick demo please text “TextBlue” to 60777 (standard network rates apply). For more information on Short Code marketing, then click here...

QR-Code Marketing

We can also provide your business with QR-Code Marketing, which allows your customers to scan in a code, using their mobile phone, and get information about your business. If you would like to read more about QR-Code Marketing, then just click this link


Mobile App Development


iPhone Apps

Apple’s iPhones are undoubtedly the most popular model of phone. With such a huge potential target market, it is mad not to create an iPhone App for your Business. TextBlue are experts at developing high quality and Affordable iPhone Apps, which allow you to send updates to iPhones that come within the vicinity of your store. All of our iPhone Apps are specifically designed to display correctly on the latest iPhones, including the iPhone 5. More info on High Quality and Affordable iPhone Apps are available here...


Android Apps on Google Play

As well as designing Mobile Apps for iPhones, we can also offer an Affordable Android App on Google Play. After fully assessing the requirements of your app, our experienced developers will create a detailed Android App that will meet all your needs For more information on Affordable Android Apps...


Mobile Websites

Every business can benefit from a Mobile Website. Not only are Mobile Websites designed specifically to fit the dimensions of a phone, they also contain all the main images and text from your standard website. For more info on Mobile Websites...

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Bluetooth Advertising
Our Bluetooth Advertising Products start at just £49 + VAT and some of our products have an impressive range of up to an unbelievable 1000 meters or 1KM.

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Irish Short Code

TextBlue now have a Short Code that can be used to receive text messages from people in the Republic of Ireland.

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